Connecting the Cloud
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Connecting the Cloud
How Fast Can Your Business Evolve?
Aug 26, 2015

It’s almost cliché to say the world is changing faster today than any time before—but it’s also true. The pace at which technology changes today is essentially a virtuous cycle where today’s innovations only fuel the speed of tomorrow’s innovations.

While all this change and innovation is great for us as technology-loving individuals—and has given us conveniences like the ability to request a ride in real-time from our smart phones (Uber)—it can be challenging for businesses. Businesses need to be able to keep pace with this changing technology to remain competitive and continue profitable growth.

The data center is key to an organization’s ability to keep pace—after all that’s where your most important intellectual property, applications and resources live. And the data center network is key to enabling rapid evolution within the data center. Data centers can only grow, change or adapt as fast as the network that connects those critical applications.

This notion of enabling rapid business evolution from within the data center is why Juniper launched a new site recently focused on the concept of Instant Evolution. To us, Instant Evolution means being able to adapt, innovate, and profit in record time. And MetaFabric is the simple, open and smart network infrastructure that enables Instant Evolution.

If you’re interested to learn more, there’s no better place to start than by watching the video below from our CEO Rami Rahim.



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