Connecting the Cloud
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Connecting the Cloud
Looking Forward vs. Locking In
Apr 24, 2015

Juniper believes that the cloud is the next evolution of IT, one which will have a transformational effect on many businesses. Everything from how enterprise IT organizations operate to how service providers deliver and spin up new services for their customers will be impacted by the cloud. 


An interesting thing about technology shifts is they provide an opportunity to break from the old, legacy way of doing things. Think about a technological shift such as the evolution from renting videos as physical media (DVDs, VHS) to online rentals and streaming video—it was ushered in by a entirely new cast of players and did away with consumer pain points like late fees. In the case of cloud networks, we believe customers can use this evolution as an opportunity to break away from proprietary architectures, forced upgrade cycles and a rip-and-replace mentality. 


In a webinar this past September, we introduced the tagline “Lock in. Or look forward.” as a way to describe the opportunity customers have—to pick another generation of lock in, or to look forward with an innovative and open approach to cloud networking.


It was interesting to read a recent article on, which highlighted how a competitor's customers were voicing these exact frustrations. In addition to several customers, the article quotes Nemertes Research analyst John Burke as saying that most companies are not "hot and heavy to do the transition [to ACI] soon. Too much rip and replace.” 


That’s exactly the point we are making with “Lock in. Or look forward”! This is exactly the type of closed, legacy thinking customers have an opportunity to break from.


We at Juniper are committed to helping them do that with an innovative, open and evolutionary approach to cloud networking. As Juniper's CEO, Rami Rahim recently said, "Juniper is committed, down to our DNA, to being open."


To hear more about locking in versus looking forward, watch our webinar where Juniper's EVP and GM of JDI, Jonathan Davidson speaks to these common customer pain points, and how Juniper’s open, standards-based approach gives customers an evolutionary, non-disruptive path to agile cloud networks.


With Juniper's Metafabric reference architecture, customers can reuse common network building blocks such as switches to redeploy into new architectures or adopt Contrail over any vendors network components while growing into new architectures. Metafabric (with over 5000 customers) provides the best underlay for any overlay and the best overlay for any underlay.


This infographic highlights the differences in approaches and the cost to the customer of the “locked in” mentality. Like what the customers said in the SearchNetworking article...too much rip and replace can end up costing a lot of money.