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Connecting the Cloud
Many Very Happy MetaFabric Customers
Aug 4, 2015

Back in October, we were very proud to announce that Juniper’s MetaFabric network architecture had been chosen by over 5000 customers since it launched a year previous. We were curious to dig deeper, so conducted a survey of these customers to get their thoughts.

The results are overwhelming: the vast majority of customers are exceedingly happy with their decision. I won’t summarize the numbers here, since the info graphic below makes it pretty clear that customers value the simple, open and smart approach Juniper takes with MetaFabric.

And that is only going to continue. Innovations like Junos Fusion, the QFX10000 line and the QFX5100-AA platform only make the MetaFabric value proposition stronger. It’s even showing in our results—on the recent quarterly earnings call, our CEO Rami Rahim stated that Juniper had experienced a record quarter for the QFX Series, which is a foundational component of the MetaFabric architecture.

We appreciate the continued support and loyalty of our customers and look forward to building many more MetaFabric-based data center networks in the future!

 JUN15807_MetaFabric_Survey_infographic_072815 copy.jpg