Connecting the Cloud
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Connecting the Cloud
Planting Growth with CloudSeeds
Aug 12, 2015

Tourism and technology have a lot in common. Many tourism companies start because owners are passionate about the history, food, or surroundings of the town they live in. They start small businesses with five tours and a couple customer phone calls a week. The tour is popular, and the business owner starts drowning under hundreds of phone calls with complaints, questions, and booking requests. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and reminisce about the days when his sole focus was on sharing his passion. That’s when he starts outsourcing customer service to call centers; it takes a huge burden off, and it allows him to focus on what really matters: his tours.


Expansion is tough, especially for businesses with growing customers and a need to scale networks that fulfill these demands. CloudSeeds, a German-based IT service and virtualized infrastructure provider founded in 2013, helps these businesses by providing a platform that reduces the need for day-to-day IT management. With highly varied customer needs, CloudSeeds developed a new platform, A.C.R.E., to form the foundation of its Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings. This platform required an open architecture that could be controlled and configured by third-party software, and that was where Juniper Networks stepped in.


Considering their previous interactions with Juniper Networks technology and an alignment in technical philosophy, CloudSeeds chose Juniper. Juniper allows customers to control their own architecture through OpenStack; for CloudSeeds, this was a distinguishing factor. CloudSeeds utilized a number of Juniper systems, including the QFX5100 switch line, which experienced a record quarter in 2Q15 and is a core component of Juniper’s MetaFabric architecture. Other products used were the MX80 3D Universal Edge Router, SRX1400 Services Gateway, and Contrail Platform.


The new cloud network we’ve built with CloudSeeds has led to increased efficiency and a platform that is scalable and open to any future developments. With Juniper’s open API, CloudSeeds has been able to put their own software onto networking devices. Through Juniper, CloudSeeds has found a balance of control over their network and access to rich features. Consequentially, their customers have the tools they need to focus on their core businesses. In Kevin Fibich’s words, “[Juniper Networks architecture] has opened up a new world of possibilities for us and our customers.”


In the future, CloudSeeds plans to add even greater scale into its infrastructure with Juniper Networks QFX10000 line of Ethernet switches. CloudSeeds is also exploring the creation of an open marketplace for third-party software developers to build on areas such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), all orchestrated via an OpenContrail layer.


For more details on how Juniper helped CloudSeeds achieve their vision, please refer to the case study.