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Connecting the Cloud
QFX10000: When Faster is Not Fast Enough
Mar 11, 2015

Today we introduced the biggest, baddest data center and cloud switches on the market. The QFX10000 line of switches leverages the world's most advanced networking ASICs to deliver industry leading scale, performance and port density. 


While we’ve been unapologetic about the scale and performance of these switches, some have raised the question “is this overkill”? The answer is, of course, “absolutely not”. 


Would the 96Tbps QFX10016 be overkill for an enterprise data center with 50 or 100 servers? Of course it would, but that’s why we also have solutions like our EX Series and QFX5100. With the addition of the QFX10000 line at the high end of the portfolio, we’re able to serve all types of data center and cloud networking needs – from TOR switches in the smallest IT data center to spine switches in the largest public cloud environments.


And within the QFX10000 line, we have the smallest high density 100GE switch on the market—it’s a great solution for smaller data centers that know they will be growing. And whose data center is not growing? 


In fact that’s part of the reason we are so excited to introduce these switches—they deliver right interfaces needed today with the legroom to expand to 100GE (and beyond) in the future. So customers can start with 10 or 40GE interfaces today and by simply plugging in a new optic module can updgrade to 100GE in the future. It’s long-term investment protection that you don’t get anywhere else.


Of course scale is not the only thing these switches bring to the market. Scale is meaningless unless the network is simple and easy to manage—hence the focus on automation. We also introduced Junos Fusion, a simpler and more automated approach to building data center networks with the QFX10000 at the core. And the QFX10000 also readily integrates with a host of other automation and orchestration toolkits—as do all Juniper switches—to give customers choice and flexibility in how they automate the network.  


Anyone who has read my blogs before knows that I am a bit of a gear head. Today we’re living in a golden age of vehicle performance—cars like the Dodge Charger Hellcat deliver horsepower levels (700+) most people thought they’d never see in a family sedan. That might seem like overkill to some—but demand is so high Dodge is warning consumers about dealers who artificially inflate prices for buyers who are more than willing to shell out the cash.


The point is that the need for performance and scale is only limited by the demand. Gear heads want as much horsepower as they can get; and we are seeing many of our cloud customers want as much scale & density as they can get. And that’s what we’re delivering with the QFX10000. We’re ushering in a golden age of cloud networking performance. It’s scale and performance without apologies.