Connecting the Cloud
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Connecting the Cloud
The Enlightened Path to the Cloud
Nov 5, 2014

If I were to tell you that Juniper had chosen the enlightened path to the cloud, you would probably stop reading right here – or at least read the rest of my blog with a healthy dose of skepticism. Coming from a marketer like myself that phrase would probably come off as hyperbole or pure marketing fluff.
So why did I use it as the headline for this blog? Well, I borrowed the phrase from a paper by reputed industry analyst firm IDC Research.
Specifically IDC’s Brad Casemore and Rohit Mehra were commenting on our recent MetaFabric webinar and launch event, where we introduced several enhancements to our MetaFabric portfolio designed to help customers make a seamless evolution to private clouds.
Brad and Rohit noted that in the face of evolutions like cloud and software-defined networking (SDN), “traditional networking” vendors have a choice of embracing change with an open approach—or protecting their legacy business models.
Clearly, we at Juniper are striving to be in the “embracing change” group. But you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s an excerpt from the report:
"Traditional networking vendors can respond to the advent of cloud and associated network architecture changes in a number of ways, but broadly, the choice involves fighting a rearguard reactionary battle against change, which might prop up margins for a while but ultimately will be doomed to failure, or wholeheartedly embracing change, taking a long-term view, and going through an adaptation process that might be difficult initially but has a greater likelihood of paying dividends in the long haul.

Juniper wants the world to know that it has chosen the enlightened path for its cloud journey." 

To see what else IDC had to say about Juniper’s approach to cloud networking, read the entire report here.