Contrail Platform Developers
Contrail Platform Developers

Kick off of Contrail

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‎09-16-2013 01:09 PM

Welcome to the Contrail Platform Developers forum.


First, if you haven't already, be sure to watch the Contrail product launch webcast from today


For Juniper Networks Contrail, the Juniper distribution of OpenContrail, we offer developer support to our ecosystem of JDN development partners and customers through the JDN program. This forum is an important part of the JDN community for developers that are building on top of Contrail, using it as a platform. Because OpenContrail is open, some developers may want to work on the infrastructure itself; however, we know many developers that will want to leverage Contrail as an SDN platform for network programmability and network functions virtualization (NFV).


Contrail platform developers are partners and customers who work on building:


  • Script network automation by using the NBI (RESTful API)
  • System integration of cloud orchestration, NFV orchestration, and other ITSM or B/OSS workflow
  • Customers are especially excited to see development partners leverage and interoperability test virtual traffic-service appliances for NFV. There is great potential for a large ecosystem of traffic services in the areas of network security, network performance, application performance, voice, video, subscriber services, and more are all applicable to NFV and best deployed on Contrail where they can leverage its service chaining features.

Be inspired by our day-one partners, then get started developing for Contrail today.



Contrail Platform Developers

Re: Kick off of Contrail

‎10-24-2013 10:45 AM



I went thru the Conrait architecture overview document and the examples scenarios. I understand how large scale cloud virtual environment in the data-center can be conected to the physical WAN/VPN via Contrail. I am however looking for information  on how the provider access & edge network of large scale operator's MPLS WAN can potentially be virtualized and if that is doable / feasible via Contrail platform.


Any suggestion and / or lead to some documentation will be very much appreciated.




Contrail Platform Developers

Re: Kick off of Contrail

‎12-03-2013 09:26 AM

Is there any concise simple directions for setting up a small contrail lab for evaluation. I get setting up the contrail vm, I have done that, but how do I replace the open-vswitch in xen with the contrail vrouter? where do I get this software and how do I user it?

John Burns