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Opencontrail Vrouter communication

‎02-03-2018 03:06 AM



I would like to ask that if we have two compute nodes with two seperate vrouters. If the VMs in Vrouter 1 wants to communicate with the VMs in Vrouter 2 and both the VMs are in seperate Networks (Routing Instances). So how they will communicate through the physical medium and how routes will be populated from the opencontrail controller (Control Node) within the VRFs of both the seperate Networks. I am a bit confused about the flow that how it works. 


Help is very much appreciated.



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Re: Opencontrail Vrouter communication

‎02-04-2018 11:43 AM



They will not communicate by default as they are in different VNs - however if you create a network policy permitting the traffic between VNs, the routes will be leaked between VRFs and communication will happen.


In the data plane, the traffic will be encapsulated in MPLS over UDP tunnel between vRouters (this is the default encapsulation).


Tell me if that is not clear enough, I'll try to expand. Also if you are interested in all such details I recommend attending Juniper's NACC class. 


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Re: Opencontrail Vrouter communication

‎02-06-2018 10:36 PM



Thanks a lot for the information. I have successfully tested the communication between VMs present at two different vrouters with the help of the network policies. I am also testing the communication of VM within the vrouter with the VM present at the Bare Metal Server and for that I have used a physical QFX5100 switch. From the below given stats I am able to see that the controller has successfully connect to the TOR Node but I am not able to see the ovsdb mac and virtual-tunnel-endpoints.


show ovsdb controller
VTEP controller information:
Controller IP address:
Controller protocol: ssl
Controller port: 9999
Controller connection: up
Controller seconds-since-connect: 7254
Controller seconds-since-disconnect: 0
Controller connection status: active


show ovsdb logical-switch

show ovsdb virtual-tunnel-end-point

show ovsdb mac