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Contrail Platform Developers

device manager in contrail 3.2 and EVPN/VXLAN connection to vMX 17.1

‎03-10-2017 10:55 AM



when we try to use the contrail device manager to build a L2 EVPN/VXLAN extenstion to a bridge our vMX, it's trying to add a lo0.0 interface with the same IP as our inet address on our uplink to our contrail controller which is also our BGP neighbor address. But as this IP is already configured on this uplink interface, configuration can't be commited:


Mar 10 17:50:26  vmx1 dcd[36036]: Warning: identical local address found on rt_inst default, intfs lo0.0 and ge-0/0/1.303, family inet.


Is it possible to build this kind of setup using the contrail device manager or should it be build by hand?