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Contrail Platform Developers

single node on vm fab install_contrail error

‎10-26-2014 01:50 PM


I try to install contrail vm as a single node on my laptop. After changes in I try to run the run following command.


fab install_contrail


and get the following error message...


[root@contrail utils]# fab install_contrail
[root@] Executing task 'install_contrail'
2014-10-27 01:40:11:953054: [root@] Executing task 'pre_check'
2014-10-27 01:40:11:953291: [root@] Executing task 'create_install_repo'
2014-10-27 01:40:11:953501: [root@] run: ls /opt/contrail/contrail_install_repo/contrail-setup*

2014-10-27 01:40:21:965703: Fatal error: Timed out trying to connect to (tried 1 time)
2014-10-27 01:40:21:965703:
2014-10-27 01:40:21:965703: Underlying exception:
2014-10-27 01:40:21:965703:     timed out
2014-10-27 01:40:21:965703:
2014-10-27 01:40:21:965800: Aborting.
2014-10-27 01:40:21:965800: 2014-10-27 01:40:11:953755: [root@contrail utils]#


Any solution?



Contrail Platform Developers

Re: single node on vm fab install_contrail error

‎01-23-2015 01:18 AM

Are you able to manually ssh to from that node? 


The error is just a fabric module's way of telling that ssh to that IP failed.