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Contrail Platform Developers

vrouter provisioning failing with all-in-one fab setup_all

‎11-13-2017 05:26 AM

Using contrail image contrail-install-packages_3.2.0.0-19-ubuntu-14-04mitaka_all.deb on Ubuntu 14.04, vrouter provisioning fails.


root@ccl-contrail:~# uname -a
Linux ccl-contrail 3.13.0-85-generic #129-Ubuntu SMP Thu Mar 17 20:50:15 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux



2017-11-13 17:02:14:822245: [root@] out: [localhost] local: python /opt/contrail/utils/ --host_name ccl-c.219.96.152 --oper add --admin_user admin --admin_password lab123 --admin_tenant_name admin --openstack_ip --api_server_use_
2017-11-13 17:02:14:870623: [root@] out: Traceback (most recent call last):
2017-11-13 17:02:20:143314: [root@] out: File "/opt/contrail/utils/", line 188, in <module>
2017-11-13 17:02:20:143968: [root@] out: main()
2017-11-13 17:02:20:144365: [root@] out: File "/opt/contrail/utils/", line 184, in main
2017-11-13 17:02:20:144753: [root@] out: VrouterProvisioner(args_str)
2017-11-13 17:02:20:145028: [root@] out: File "/opt/contrail/utils/", line 43, in __init__
2017-11-13 17:02:20:145295: [root@] out: fq_name=['default-global-system-config'])
2017-11-13 17:02:20:145551: [root@] out: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/vnc_api/", line 42, in wrapper
2017-11-13 17:02:20:145847: [root@] out: return func(self, *args, **kwargs)
2017-11-13 17:02:20:146118: [root@] out: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/vnc_api/", line 440, in _object_r
2017-11-13 17:02:20:146546: [root@] out: res_type, fq_name, fq_name_str, id, ifmap_id)
2017-11-13 17:02:20:146844: [root@] out: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/vnc_api/", line 741, in _read_arg
2017-11-13 17:02:20:147132: [root@] out: return (True, self.fq_name_to_id(res_type, fq_name))
2017-11-13 17:02:20:147421: [root@] out: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/vnc_api/", line 42, in wrapper
2017-11-13 17:02:20:147683: [root@] out: return func(self, *args, **kwargs)
2017-11-13 17:02:20:147948: [root@] out: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/vnc_api/", line 986, in fq_name_t
2017-11-13 17:02:20:148215: [root@] out: raise he
2017-11-13 17:02:20:148469: [root@] out: cfgm_common.exceptions.HttpError: HTTP Status: 500 Content: Internal Server Error
2017-11-13 17:02:20:148766: [root@] out:
2017-11-13 17:02:20:184896: [root@] out: Fatal error: local() encountered an error (return code 1) while executing 'python /o ccl-contrail --host_ip --api_server_ip --oper add --admin_user admin --admin_password lab123 --admin_tenant_nr_use_ssl False'
2017-11-13 17:02:20:185326: [root@] out:
2017-11-13 17:02:20:185497: [root@] out: Aborting.
2017-11-13 17:02:20:185627: [root@] out:
2017-11-13 17:02:20:903420:

2017-11-13 17:02:21:106694: Fatal error: sudo() received nonzero return code 1 while executing!
2017-11-13 17:02:21:106694:
2017-11-13 17:02:21:106694: Requested: setup-vnc-compute --self_ip --cfgm_ip --cfgm_user root --cfgm_passwd la--service_token 053c3af092819448efa9 --orchestrator openstack --hypervisor libvirt --keystone_ip --keystone_version v2.0 --otocol http --keystone_auth_port 35357 --quantum_service_protocol http --keystone_admin_user admin --keystone_admin_password lab123 --nova_e_tenant_name service --region_name RegionOne
2017-11-13 17:02:21:106694: Executed: sudo -S -p 'sudo password:' /bin/bash -l -c "cd /opt/contrail/bin && setup-vnc-compute --self_ip 10ot --cfgm_passwd lab123 --ncontrols 1 --amqp_server_ip --service_token 053c3af092819448efa9 --orchestrator openstack --hyperne_version v2.0 --openstack_mgmt_ip --keystone_auth_protocol http --keystone_auth_port 35357 --quantum_service_protocol httpword lab123 --nova_password lab123 --neutron_password lab123 --service_tenant_name service --region_name RegionOne"
2017-11-13 17:02:21:106694:
2017-11-13 17:02:21:130202: Aborting.
2017-11-13 17:02:21:130202: 2017-11-13 17:02:21:016553: Disconnecting from done.
2017-11-13 17:02:21:951737: root@ccl-contrail:/opt/contrail/utils#



<<<<<<<<<<Contrail and Openstack Status>>>>>>>>>
root@ccl-contrail:~# contrail-status
vRouter is NOT PRESENT

== Contrail vRouter ==
supervisor-vrouter: inactive

== Contrail Control ==
supervisor-control: active
contrail-control initializing (Discovery:Collector, Discovery:IfmapServer, Discovery:xmpp-server connection down)
contrail-control-nodemgr initializing (NTP state unsynchronized.)
contrail-dns active
contrail-named active

== Contrail Analytics ==
supervisor-analytics: active
contrail-alarm-gen:0 active
contrail-analytics-api initializing (Discovery:AlarmGenerator[Subscribe - Status Code 503], Discovery:Collector[Subscribe - Status Code 500], Discovery:OpServer[Publish Error - Status Code 500] connection down)
contrail-analytics-nodemgr initializing (NTP state unsynchronized.)
contrail-collector initializing (Discovery:ApiServer, Discovery:Collector, KafkaPub: connection down)
contrail-query-engine timeout
contrail-snmp-collector initializing (Discovery:Collector[Subscribe - Status Code 500], Discovery:ApiServer[Subscribe - Status Code 500] connection down)
contrail-topology initializing (Collector, Discovery:Collector[Subscribe - Request Timeout] connection down)

== Contrail Config ==
supervisor-config: active
contrail-api:0 initializing (Discovery:ApiServer[Publish Error - Status Code 500], Discovery:IfmapServer[Publish Error - Status Code 500], Discovery:Collector[Subscribe - Status Code 500], Database:Cassandra[], Generic Connection:Keystone[Error: The request you have made requires authentication. (HTTP 401) (Request-ID: req-0f02745b-3638-4e3c-9226-2beaa118e9cc) at UTC 2017-11-13 12:44:29.067996] connection down)
contrail-config-nodemgr initializing (NTP state unsynchronized.)
contrail-device-manager timeout
contrail-discovery:0 initializing (Discovery:Collector[Subscribe - Status Code 500], Database:Cassandra[] connection down)
contrail-schema timeout
contrail-svc-monitor initializing (Discovery:Collector[Subscribe - Status Code 500], Discovery:OpServer[Subscribe - Status Code 500] connection down)
ifmap active

== Contrail Web UI ==
supervisor-webui: active

contrail-webui active
contrail-webui-middleware active

== Contrail Database ==
contrail-database: inactive

== Contrail Supervisor Database ==
supervisor-database: active
contrail-database-nodemgr initializing (Discovery:Collector[Subscribe - Status Code 503] connection down)
kafka failed

== Contrail Support Services ==
supervisor-support-service: active
rabbitmq-server active

========Run time service failures=============


root@ccl-contrail:~# openstack-status
== Nova services ==
openstack-nova-api: active
openstack-nova-compute: active
openstack-nova-network: inactive (disabled on boot)
openstack-nova-scheduler: active
openstack-nova-volume: inactive (disabled on boot)
openstack-nova-conductor: active
== Glance services ==
openstack-glance-api: active
openstack-glance-registry: active
== Keystone service ==
openstack-keystone: active
== Cinder services ==
openstack-cinder-api: active
openstack-cinder-scheduler: active
openstack-cinder-volume: inactive (disabled on boot)
== Heat services ==
heat-api: active
heat-api-cfn: active
heat-api-cloudwatch: inactive (disabled on boot)
heat-engine: active
== Support services ==
mysql: inactive (disabled on boot)
libvirt-bin: active
rabbitmq-server: active
memcached: inactive (disabled on boot)
== Keystone users ==
Warning keystonerc not sourced



from fabric.api import env

minimum_diskGB = 10
#Management ip addresses of hosts in the cluster
host1 = 'root@'

#External routers if any
#for eg.
#ext_routers = [('mx1', '')]
ext_routers = []

#Autonomous system number
router_asn = 64512

#Host from which the fab commands are triggered to install and provision
host_build = 'root@'

#Role definition of the hosts.
env.roledefs = {
'all': [host1],
'cfgm': [host1],
'openstack': [host1],
'control': [host1],
'compute': [host1],
'collector': [host1],
'webui': [host1],
'database': [host1],
'build': [host_build],
#'storage-master': [host1],
#'storage-compute': [host1],
#'oldcfgm': [host2] old cfgm for ISSU
#'oldcontrol':[host2] old control for ISSU
#'olddatabase':[host2] old database for ISSU
#'oldcollector':[host2] old collector for ISSU
#'oldwebui':[host2] old webui for ISSU
# 'rally': [host1], # Optional, to enable/setup rally, it can be a seprate node from contrail cluster
# 'vgw': [host1], # Optional, Only to enable VGW. Only compute can support vgw
# 'tsn': [host1], # Optional, Only to enable TSN. Only compute can support TSN
# 'toragent': [host1], Optional, Only to enable Tor Agent. Only compute can
# support Tor Agent
# 'backup':[backup_node], # only if the backup_node is defined

#Openstack admin password
env.openstack_admin_password = 'lab123'

# Deprecated 'all' key from release 3.0; Consider specifying the hostname for each host seperately as below
#env.hostnames = {
# 'all': ['a0s1']
env.hostnames = {
host1: 'ccl-contrail',

# Passwords of each host
# for passwordless login's no need to set env.passwords,
# instead populate env.key_filename in with public key.
env.passwords = {
host1: 'lab123',
# backup_node: 'secret',
host_build: 'lab123',

# SSH Public key file path for passwordless logins
# if env.passwords is not specified.
#env.key_filename = '/root/.ssh/'

#For reimage purpose
env.ostypes = {