Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Juniper Foundation and
Feb 26, 2016

The Juniper Foundation is proud to support We share a commitment to broadening access and participation to computer science to all students with a focus on girls, and underrepresented students of color. With our vision to Connect Everything and Empower Everyone, is a perfect example of the intersection of our philanthropic work and company strategy. They are building the next-generation of innovators and engineers and we’re delighted to support them.


Since the start of our partnership with more than three years ago, Hour of Code has served over 198 million in the United States and globally. Juniper has held Hour of Code events on its Sunnyvale campus for employees and their families to support this important initiative and demonstrate how fun and easy coding can be. An important part of our grant has not only been supporting the Hour of Code, but teacher training. More than 500 high school teachers were trained this summer alone with a major emphasis on increasing the number of female teachers and underrepresented teachers of color to deliver’s computer science curriculum. Middle school teachers got in on the action too to the tune of 600 teachers and 17,000 K-5 teachers participated – all in the summer of 2015. This training is important because it allows to broaden access among low-income girls, especially students of color.


Our most recent grant from the Juniper Foundation funds a new high school AP computer science course with a unit dedicated to Internet and cyber security. It will become an official AP course in the 2016-2017 school year. This unit will explore the structure and design of the Internet and the implications of those design decisions including the reliability of network communication, the security of data, and personal privacy. Students will also learn how to avoid getting hacked. Students will use an Internet simulator to invent key internet concepts including communication protocols, routing, encryption security, and hacking.


Together, the Juniper Foundation and are committed to making computer science education accessible to all students, and a fun, engaging and rewarding experience.



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