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Corporate Social Responsibility
Juniper Networks Invests in Alchemist Accelerator
May 23, 2017

Juniper Networks recently made a $1 million investment in Alchemist Accelerator, a seed-stage accelerator for enterprise start-ups. Alchemist targets teams with technical founders, backing their startups with a small cash investment, mentorship and co-working space.


Alchemist accepts 20 companies every four months to their six-month program focused on customer development, sales and fundraising. Alchemist aims to help early-stage companies raise their Seed or Series A rounds and secure their first few customers.


At Juniper, we believe that venture investment is an integral part of our innovation engine. Our investment strategy is informed by the company’s long-term growth drivers, which seek to position Juniper as a disrupting force in our core and adjacent markets.


While we remain humble with respect to predicting the future, we are detecting early signs of market transformations that we believe could, in a few years, change the nature of our industry. We have focused our investment efforts on five technologies that we expect will enable those transformations:


  1. Edge computing will allow for the execution of functions closer to the user to notably lower the latency and enable new applications.
  2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will have an effect on our products and processes, leading to investments in innovative technology.
  3. New operating environments, such as micro-OS or uni-kernel, will allow for safer and lighter services.
  4. Composable infrastructure will push the disaggregation of physical and virtual infrastructure into resource pools that can change in real-time as demand fluctuates.
  5. Blockchain could become the trust layer that is missing to the Internet.

Alchemist and Juniper are focused on advancing these same technologies. Alchemist also facilitates our ability to invest in seed-stage companies, which has not traditionally been an area of focus for us in the past. We are thrilled to be joining Alchemist Accelerator as a backer and look forward to working with Alchemist start-ups and its network.