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DX - Load Balancing & Application Acceleration

DX Process management

‎03-10-2009 09:53 AM

Hi there,


Is there a command besides 'show dashboard' that gives process performance for the DX, as we are seeing high CPU usage and would like to know which processes are hogging CPU time





DX - Load Balancing & Application Acceleration
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Re: DX Process management

‎03-11-2009 03:34 AM


There is 'show capacity', which you can add a wait time to the end of the command to have regular updates on the CLI of the output like 'show capacity 1' e.g.


% show capacity 1

  CPU      Memory                         Network
                             ether 0                      ether 1
(% used)  (% used)    (bytes in)    (bytes out)    (bytes in)    (bytes out)
   28        69        11913547      11366889         9             6
   28        69        11907285      11351657         9             6
   28        69        11896438      11284313         9             6
   28        69        11907580      11276365         9             6
   28        69        11909077      11274932         9             6



The command 'show capacity' is based on an average of the 'show vmstat'  values over a 60 second period.   The dashboard uses the averaged values for the DX system health reporting, so transient spikes in the vmstat values do not cause the dashboard to report the system health needs attention.   You can use 'show vmstat <integer interval>' to see the values reported by vmstat at regular intervals, similar to show capacity.


There is no way to see which processes are using how much CPU via the CLI or WebUI, if you do experience regular high CPU open a JTAC support case and attach a TSdump taken during the high usage period so they can investigate what is causing it.



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