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DX - Load Balancing & Application Acceleration

Issues using Kiwi Cattools to backup configs on a DX3200

‎11-08-2007 04:42 PM
Was happily backing up the configs on the DX3200 using Kiwi Cattools.  Came across an issue and needed to revert the config to backup and found that the backup configs had been truncating long commands at 80 chars.  If I ssh in using putty with a terminal width of 80 chars I see the same issue when I see long lines output from the command 'display config'.  If I update the terminal session to have a wider page the commands show up fine.
Is there a way to force the dx to display the config over wrapped lines when doing a 'display config'.  Suggestions from the cattools vendor was to try and find a command that can set the terminal width.  I've not been able to find anything however.
Any ideas?
DX - Load Balancing & Application Acceleration

Re: Issues using Kiwi Cattools to backup configs on a DX3200

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‎11-30-2007 03:06 AM
No - the DX will not word wrap the lines for you. I use a terminal emulator that dynamically changes the column width and, as you observed, there is no problem.

As I see it you have two options:

1) Get your software vendor add functionality to alter the column width of the connected session.
2) Use your software to issue the command:
"export config tftp://DX_configuration"
This will backup your config file correctly.

Hope this helps,
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