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Design Your Network For Virtualized, SDN Enabled Applications in the Cloud
Apr 16, 2014

Applications are Driving Change

Organizations are going through a transition in how they build network infrastructure. This is because the number and type of applications in use is growing rapidly. The way that applications are accessed is changing and so is the way that they are designed.


Organizations are hosting applications in their own data centers. They are extending their applications across data centers. They are accessing applications from cloud hosting providers. Service providers are hosting applications on behalf of the enterprise and providing application management services.


These new applications are complex and they are virtualized and many of newer ones are SDN enabled. Many applications are used in multiple geographies and workloads follow the sun. All of this is changing how applications need to be delivered and how the network needs to be build to serve them.


Challenges with Deploying Applications

There are 3 major that you need to address to deploy new applications effectively. These are virtualization, SDN and cloud.


Modern applications are virtualized and dynamic. They communicate internally to a great degree and they move workloads around the network. This means that you need network fabric with mesh connectivity for them to perform properly.


Many new applications are SDN enabled and their component parts are connected via a virtualized overlay network, however these applications need to communicate with existing infrastructure so you need a way to incorporate SDN enabled applications into the rest of the infrastructure.


Organizations are accessing many applications from cloud hosting providers. They are using compute capacity from the service providers. This means that you need to enable your data centers to act as one cloud-like resource pool.


Solution for Application Deployment

To meet these challenges Juniper has developed a solution that will address the needs of new virtualized and SDN enabled applications, so that you can ensure high application performance, interconnect them to any infrastructure, and access them as if they were local, from any data center. Juniper’s solution delivers these critical components to solve the challenges presented by virtualization, SDN and cloud:


Switching fabrics managed as one device that connect complex applications using a universal switching building block with the QFX5100 TOR switch which gives you a choice topologies and a migration path.  


A universal SDN gateway to tie SDNs together and to connect to legacy infrastructure that works with VMware’s NSX or our own Contrail virtual overlay system.


Data center interconnect capabilities on the MX Series routers to create one coherent network with a cloud-like pool of resources using open protocols for interoperability.


For more information see this webinar, Design Your Network for Virtualized, SDN Enabled Applications in the Cloud.



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