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Computer Networking Delivers Performance to Formula One Racing

Computer Networking Delivers Performance to Formula One Racing

Spa telemetry sheet.pngThroughout Europe and the rest of the world the most recognizable name in motor racing is the Formula One Grand Prix. If you follow Formula One racing then you know that last weekend the teams came back from their summer break. Now they are at a turning point in their strategy. It’s time for the teams to decide where to focus their development efforts. Should they focus on winning points this year, or on designing a car that will win next year? With the rewriting of the rules for car design for 2014 this decision is especially difficult. You may be wondering what this means for Juniper and for networking. The answer is quite a lot. Juniper provides networking equipment to the Lotus F1 Team and their driver Kimi Raikkonen was 2nd in the driver’s championship running until last Sunday’s race in Belgium. Data analysis and computer aided design are keys to determining a winning strategy and to building a winning car.


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