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cover.jpgWhen you can no longer upgrade to a higher capacity firewall, or add additional Service Processing Cards (SPC), the only other choice is to scale horizontally. “Day One: Scaling Beyond a Single Juniper SRX in the Data Center” elegantly addresses the problem and provides unique insight into how to provide security to outbound traffic at levels that can scale to meet the needs of even the largest networks. Follow along with this proof of concept and get the configuration for doing so at the end.


This book is available in a free PDF edition and a Copy & Paste edition.  Simply download the linked files below:


  • For iPads and iPhones, use your device’s iBook app. Search for “Juniper Networks” in the iBookstore. Download directly to your iPhone or iPad. 
  • For Kindles, Androids, Blackberry, iPhones/iPads, Macs. and PCs, download the free Kindle app for your device. Go to the Kindle Store using your device’s Kindle app and search for “Day One Juniper.” Download directly to your device. 

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Mar 19, 2013

Man Very Happy

Apr 2, 2013

The usual traffic flow in the DC is the opposite way - the servers are behind the EX switch in the trust zone, and the clients are in the Untrust zone somewhere in the world.

How do you suggest then to have the return traffic serviced by the same SRX? Using SNAT in the opposite way will lead you to lose the original Src-IP presented to the server. Have you thought of this scenario?