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‎06-27-2014 11:27 AM
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Building Dynamic Overlay Service-Aware Networks coverBuild an elegant dynamic overlay network using features such as Dynamic GRE and IPsec to enable secure, flexible services over an IP-only WAN and then extend the overlay to Cloud DC Interconnect with new Junos 14.1 features such as EVPN. This lab-friendly Day One book provides step-by-step instructions and configurations. 


This book is available in a free PDF edition and an .rtf that contains all the configurations and scripts for cutting and pasting. Simply download the attachments below.


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Jul 3, 2014
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thanks for the book ! Interesting topic, precise diagrams ... but is it only me who will have problems with tiny fonts in most of the figures ? Too detailed diagrams ? For example look at pages 19, 22, 34.


It's really hard  to read on a screen and I will not  try to print it (black-white).

The book is done, next revision may take some time, but my suggestion is just to add appendix with full page size figures repeated. It will help reading.



Jul 4, 2014

". but is it only me who will have problems with tiny fonts in most of the figures ? Too detailed diagrams ?"


yes Jtb, same for me. really difficult to read diagrams and schemes, very uncomfortable

Hi Julie, any news about "Day ONE: VXLAN Case Studies" release date? I'm very avaiting for it, please do not hesitate to contac me in case you need a beta test reader 😉

thank you!