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‎10-07-2013 04:20 PM
‎10-07-2013 04:20 PM

Poster_VPNs_image.jpg.jpegIt’s a Day One book in a poster with an overview of all the various types of Virtual Private Networks. Hang the poster up on your wall and show it off! Use the links and videos onscreen. The poster celebrates Junos 13.2 and Juniper Contrail, with specific VPN factoids about these new Juniper releases.


Download a free PDF version (attached below) or purchase a print copy at our Day One Print Store.

Oct 17, 2013
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Hey Julie - these look pretty cool. So I went buy a bulk quantity (10) and the site said the discount price should be 1.25 each in qty 10 purchases. However it never changed the price from $40 (10 x $40 each) no matter how many times I pressed the recalculate button. I went all the way through to the payment screen.


Would love to have these to hand out to clients. But don't want to pay full pop when I go and buy lots of them. 


Let me know.




Kevin Barker