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‎04-27-2012 12:43 PM
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IntegratedContentDelivery_cover.jpgThe Integrated Content Delivery Handbook was created, tested, and validated by the Juniper Networks Solutions Engineering team as an implementation guide for delivering modern content to broadband subscribers. The entire reference architecture, as well as all of the accompanying configuration examples, are based on Juniper’s validated testing results. This is not another primer on networking and related technologies – it’s a deep dive into the New Network Platform Architecture. The reader should be versed in Layer 3 networking technologies, including IP and MPLS, as well as have a certain fluency with the Junos CLI.


This book is available in a free PDF edition (in zip file) and a Copy & Paste edition.  Simply download the linked files below:


  • For iPads and iPhones, use your device’s iBook app. Search for “Juniper Networks” in the iBookstore. Download directly to your iPhone or iPad. 
  • For Kindles, Androids, Blackberry, iPhones/iPads, Macs. and PCs, download the free Kindle app for your device. Go to the Kindle Store using your device’s Kindle app and search for “Day One Juniper.” Download directly to your device. 

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