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‎09-09-2010 02:22 PM
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Replaces the previously published three separate Day One guides. This Week: Applying Junos Automation now combines Junos operation, event, and configuration automation techniques into a single, comprehensive volume.


As you work with the Junos operating system, you will build a knowledge reservoir of best practices and lessons learned, a body of intelligence that can be available 24x7 to help your network run optimally. Junos automation allows you to automate your accumulated intelligence through scripts that automatically control Junos devices according to your desired best practices. This book demonstrates how to implement this inherent potential in the Junos operating system.


This book is available in a free PDF edition and includes a Copy & Paste edition in RTF format (open in any text editor).  Simply download the linked files below.


The book is also available in eBook formats for the following devices at the following locations:


  • For iPads and iPhones, use your device’s iBook app. Search for “Juniper Networks” in the iBookstore. Download directly to your iPhone or iPad.
  • For Kindles, Androids, Blackberry, iPhones/iPads, Macs. and PCs, download the free Kindle app for your device. Go to the Kindle Store using your device’s Kindle app and search for “Day One Juniper.” Download directly to your device.

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