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SLAX is a syntax overlay of the XSLT programming language. While XSLT is used internally by Junos to power its on-box scripting capabilities, it is not the most intuitive or efficient of languages, so SLAX was created to simplify on-box script programming and make it more comfortable to write. This reference guide provides descriptions and examples of all of the basic components of the SLAX language including its statements, operators, functions, elements, templates, and default parameters. 


This book is available as a free PDF edition by downloading the linked file below.


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Sep 27, 2011

Where is Day One:  Configuring JUNOS Interfaces and Routing?

When will it be published?


Day One: Configuring JUNOS Basics point to the Interfaces and Routing volume several times.

Oct 7, 2011
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This book was in development when the Configuring Junos Basics was published, but in the end the authors didn't complete the book and dropped the project.  I've been searching for gullible souls since. ; )


The for-pay books, Junos for Dummies, and Junos Enterprise Routing, cover these areas ( and there's free training available on Introduction to Junos at: . Please use this as a substitute.


At the next rev of the book I will be taking out the cross-reference to the non-existing book.  I apologize for the errata.


Patrick Ames, Ed in Chief, Juniper Networks Books

Dec 12, 2014

Can't download the just hangs

Dec 12, 2014
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I am able to download it. I can send it to you if you are still having problems.