Day One Tips
Day One Tips

Restarting a process

‎11-05-2010 05:23 AM

Ask most engineers familiar with JunOS, and they will tout the benefits of a modular operating system.  All too many forget this though, when it comes to actual operation of the device.  In production networks, sometimes processes fail, and a simple restart of the process can help to prevent having to reboot the device.  I have had quite a bit of success restarting some processes in order to avoid having to restart a device, especially with the EX switch product line.  The syntax looks like:


switch1>restart <process-name>


  autoinstallation     Autoinstallation process
  chassis-control      Chassis control process
  class-of-service     Class-of-service process
  database-replication  Database Replication process
  dhcp                 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol process
  dhcp-service         Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol process
  diameter-service     Diameter process
  dot1x-protocol       Port based Network Access Control
  ethernet-link-fault-management  Ethernet OAM Link-Fault-Management process
  ethernet-switching   Ethernet Switching Process
  event-processing     Event processing process
  firewall             Firewall process
  general-authentication-service  General authentication process
  gracefully           Gracefully restart the process
  immediately          Immediately restart (SIGKILL) the process
  interface-control    Interface control process
  kernel-replication   Kernel replication process
  l2-learning          Layer 2 address flooding and learning process
  lacp                 Link Aggregation Control Protocol process
  license-service      Feature license management process
  link-management      Link management process
  lldpd-service        Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  mib-process          Management Information Base II process
  mountd-service       Service for NFS mounts requests
  multicast-snooping   Multicast Snooping process
  pgm                  Pragmatic General Multicast process
  redundancy-interface-process  Redundancy interface management process
  remote-operations    Remote operations process
  routing              Routing protocol process
  secure-neighbor-discovery  Secure Neighbor Discovery Protocol process
  service-deployment   Service Deployment System (SDX) process
  sflow-service        Flow Sampling (Sflow) Daemon
  snmp                 Simple Network Management Protocol process
  soft                 Soft reset (SIGHUP) the process
  vrrp                 Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol process
  web-management       Web management process



Examples of processes I have successfully restarted to fix problems are:









Not always ideal to have to do this, but in the event that you do, it can be the difference between fixing things quickly, and a true user-perceptible outage.