Day One Tips
Day One Tips

Tip: Connecting to the secondary node from the primary node on an SRX cluster

‎11-16-2010 11:27 PM

There may be instances where due to some connectivity issues, you are unable to remotely login into the secondary node on an SRX cluster.

In the absence of a console connection to the secondary, it is still possible to log into the secondary node from the primary node and run CLI commands without having to dispatch a technician to the site. Smiley Happy


On the branch SRX devices, this can be achieved by the command:



lab@host-At> request routing-engine login node 1


--- JUNOS 10.1R3.7 built 2010-011-10 04:15:10 UTC




On the high-end SRX devices, you will need to be in the shell and run the following command:


root@host-A% rlogin -T node1

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