Day One Tips
Day One Tips

Tip: Interpreting Syslog message codes

‎11-08-2010 10:24 PM

See a syslog message with a code that does not make sense?


Nov  9 17:13:09  SRX650-B mgd[5691]: UI_CMDLINE_READ_LINE: User 'lab', command 'run show log messages '


Interpreting the code is easy!


Just use the help syslog feature in JUNOS to get a detailed descripton of the code message:


lab@SRX650-B> help syslog UI_CMDLINE_READ_LINE
Message:       User '<username>', command '<command>'
Help:          User entered command at CLI prompt
Description:   The indicated user typed the indicated command at the CLI prompt
               and pressed the Enter key, sending the command string to the
               management process (mgd).
Type:          Event: This message reports an event, not an error
Severity:      info
Facility:      LOG_AUTH


help syslog can be run from either operational mode or configuration mode.


Alternatively, you can do it the hard way and search the System Log Messages Reference documentation Smiley Happy

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