FAQ: Broadband Subscriber Services

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Broadband subscriber management is a method of dynamically provisioning and managing subscriber access in a multiplay or triple play network environment. This method uses AAA configuration in conjunction with dynamic profiles to provide dynamic, per-subscriber authentication, addressing, access, and configuration for a host of broadband services including Internet access, gaming, IPTV, Video on Demand (VoD), and subscriber wholesaling.


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This article provides answers to some common questions about broadband subscriber services:


  1. What is the reported effective shaping rate for subscribers?
  2. How do I associate dynamically configured CoS features with a subscriber interface?
  3. What is the CoS adjustment profile?
  4. How do I ensure that a DHCP packet generated by the Routing Engine is intercepted?
  5. How do I configure a firewall filter bypass?
  6. How do I specify fast update filters in dynamic profiles?
  7. How do I configure unicast RPF and fail filters?
  8. How do I configure filters with Enhanced Network Services mode?
  9. How do I configure hierarchical policers and filters?
  10. How do I manage excess bandwidth?

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