FAQ: Business Edge Solution

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The Juniper Networks business edge solution provides design guidance and configurations that enable the provisioning of services to business customers and to support other carrier services to residential and mobile operating units. The solution provides a proven path to service convergence using common IP infrastructure so that the provider can quickly, safely, and conveniently realize the benefits of a fully verified Juniper Networks-based reference architecture. The solution is a complete and deployable network architecture designed to intelligently leverage the variety of advanced and often overlooked technologies inherent in Juniper Networks software and hardware.


To access the latest Network Design and Architecture Center, click Service Provider Edge for network design and deployment resources.


This article provides answers to some common questions about the business edge solution:


  1. What is used for core transport signaling?
  2. Can I use the link-level failure detection for dark fiber links?
  3. Does GTSM secure against insider attacks?
  4. What are bogons?
  5. How is link fault management (LFM) adjacency loss detected?
  6. How do I configure routes from the hub VRF to a spoke VRF on the same router?
  7. How do I support overlapping address space for MVPNs?

 For more information, click Juniper Networks Business Edge Solution 1.0 Design Guide