How do I configure targeted distribution for demux subscribers?

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How do I configure targeted distribution for demux subscribers?


When configuring targeted distribution for demultiplexer (demux) subscribers:


  • You can manage subscribers with both hash-based and targeted distribution models in the same network.
  • We recommend that you configure module redundancy to protect against module failures. When module redundancy is enabled, you can ensure an even distribution of subscribers if you allocate no more than 50 percent of the links on a single DPC or MPC.
  • If you anticipate that a link will be down for an extended time, and you want to ensure that backup links are provisioned for all subscribers, we recommend that you remove the failed link from the bundle.
  • We recommend that you apply a remaining traffic-control profile to the logical interface to ensure that minimal scheduling parameters are applied to the remaining subscriber traffic.
  • To ensure appropriate and predictable targeted distribution, you must configure chassis network services to use enhanced-ip mode.

For more information, click Distribution of Demux Subscribers in an Aggregated Ethernet Interface