How do I specify fast update filters?

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How do I specify fast update filters?


  • You can optionally specify that a term can be added only once and cannot be modified. The router creates unique names for fast update filters and for filter terms and counters.

    For more information, click Fast Update Filters Overview
  • The router uses an implied wildcard for conditions that you include in the match-order If you include a condition that is not configured in the from specification of a filter term, the router considers that a wildcard for the condition.

    For more information, click Match Conditions and Actions in Fast Update Filters
  • When you use ranges (for example, a range of values or a wildcard) in terms, the ranges must not overlap—overlapping ranges create a conflict error. However, you can configure a range in one term and an exact match in another term.

    For more information, click Avoiding Conflicts When Terms Match