Share Your Code: L2TP Configuration for Tier 2 Service Providers

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The attached L2TP Wholesale and Retail configuration is prepared for Tier 2 service providers. We’re providing this configuration to show how an L2TP configuration works, and to give you a basis for your own L2TP configuration.


It consists of an L2TP tunnel configuration with a L2TP access concentrator (LAC) configuration at one end of the tunnel and an L2TP network server (LNS) configuration at the other end of the tunnel.  The LAC represents the wholesale side of the configuration, and the LNS represents the retail side of the configuration.


We invite you to comment on our configuration, and to post your own configurations or code snippets in the comments section below. Make sure to login to see the comments section.


Additionally, let us know in the comments if you’d like us to create another use case for L2TP, perhaps with DHCPv6 or CoS.


We look forward to hearing from you!