Efficiently Managing the New Network
Efficiently Managing the New Network
Managing the Mobile Backhaul Winner...

It is exciting to hear that Juniper's ACX Series Universal Access Routers were voted "Best Carrier Ethernet Mobile Backhaul Product EMEA 2012" at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress event in Barcelona last month. David has more details on his blog.


Ease of service provisioning is a key capability among ACX’s impressive list of features and capabilities. But what makes it easy to provision services on the ACX?  


Answer: Junos Space and the Junos Space Network Services Activation Suite.


Junos Space is a powerful and flexible network management platform that provides the basic EMS capabilities for device management and system administration, such as device discovery, image management, inventory management, user administration, fault management and performance management. In addition to these basic functions, the Junos Space Platform facilitates a multi-tenant, plug-and-play application management environment that enables fast start up and in-service device upgrades.


 The Junos Space Network Services Activation Suite (previously known as Advanced Package) consists of a comprehensive set of interconnected Junos Space management applications for service provisioning, path configuration, synchronization management, QoS configuration, and network diagnostics.



These applications and their high-level capabilities are summarized below:


  • Network Activate: Automate the design, activation, and validation of the provisioning process for L2 and L3 VPNs across MPLS and Carrier Ethernet networks, enabling service providers to efficiently and cost-effectively manage deployments while reducing fallouts from misconfigured services.
  • Transport Activate: Design, provision and activate RSVP signaled label-switched paths (LSPs), as well as static LSPs. LSPs can be configured as end-to-end, P2P, or P2MP LSPs.
  • QoS Design: Create QoS profiles and assign them to specific Ethernet services.
  • OAM Insight: Perform management functions such as Ethernet Connectivity Fault Management (CFM), Ethernet link-level fault detection and management, and Bidirectional Forward Detection (BFD).
  • Sync Design: Configure and provision synchronization interfaces such as IEEE1588-2008(PTP) and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE).

The Junos Space platform and the Network Services Activation Suite are all accessible through a Representational State Transfer (REST)-based API from northbound systems. This enables operators to build native applications on their Operations/Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), and tap into the rich functionality of the Junos Space platform and applications. For example, DQE Communications, a transport service provider based in Pennsylvania is using the OAM capabilities of the Suite along with REST API to monitor network performance and maintain SLAs.


Over the past few months we have provided numerous demonstrations of Junos Space and the Junos Space Network Services Activation Suite to customers and have received great feedback. Customers love the flexibility that the Suite offers when it comes to service design and provisioning and agree that we are headed in the right direction in terms of roadmap and features.


If you would like to learn more about the Junos Space Network Services Activation Suite, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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