Efficiently Managing the New Network
Efficiently Managing the New Network
Video and Use Case Proof Points of the Programmable Network aspect of Junos Space

The Networking world is abuzz with talk of software defined networking and creating a programmable network. Junos Space, with a software development kit, exposable APIs, and plug-n-play network management applications that sit on top of our open, scalable network management platform, offers this valuealbe flexibility today.


Junos Space SDK is programming language agnostic, enabling anyone to onboard and start developing customize network management applications rapidly.  An application can take advantage of not only the Junos Space APIs, but also the APIs exposed by other resident Junos Space applications.  This openness and flexibility offers a multiplying effect by allowing developers to leverage other innovations on the Junos Space platform – and even expose their own to others through their


Below are two examples of how our partners have developed applications built on Space, and the value they can provide.  It's good stuff, and there are many more examples. 


Joulex Energy Manager developed on top of Junos Space SDK



Joulex On Stage with Kevin Johnson Talking Energy Manager and Junos Space -


SlideShare - In-depth look at Junos Space SDK with Big Switch Networks Virtual Switch Application


And speaking of videos, what videos/demos of Junos Space would you like to see?  Let us know, and we'll put it together.