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AT&T and Juniper Networks Showcase Live Upgrade of OpenContrail and OpenStack On Stage at OpenStack Summit
Nov 10, 2017

Performing live upgrades, with live network traffic, in front of thousands of industry peers, is extremely risky—it’s the networking version of working without a net. But AT&T pulled it off at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney earlier this month.


To undertake such a bold move, AT&T had to be confident that the underlying ecosystem for their AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC) was reliable and mature—and it is. I’m proud to say that Juniper Networks’ OpenContrail was an integral part of this ecosystem, providing a proven Software-Defined Network that enabled agile and secure connectivity for a robust, distributed telco cloud.


AT&T is a leader in delivering software-centric products and services through AIC, powered by open-source solutions like OpenContrail. At Juniper, we are committed to supporting AT&T in their efforts to build a community-driven open source-based cloud.  


The OpenStack community has consistently voted OpenContrail as the number one commercially available SDN controller. Now, with the rise of microservices, container management systems such as Kubernetes play a crucial role to enable operators like AT&T to offer innovative services alongside traditional VNFs and enterprise apps. This means the Software-Defined Network must not only be scalable, but also be supremely flexible to support various services.


As the industry evolves toward more agile service delivery, service customization, and service provisioning automation, Juniper enables these operators to easily migrate from a traditional infrastructure to a more cloud-based, virtualized environment. This is made possible with Juniper Contrail Cloud, an integrated telco cloud platform built to run high-performance NFV with always-on reliability, enabling service providers to deliver innovative services with tremendous agility.


To learn more, watch AT&T’s CIO Sorabh Saxena explain how AIC evolved into a geographically diverse network cloud environment with enterprise-grade maturity. And for those who like suspense, watch this video showing the live upgrade of OpenStack and OpenContrail by AT&T and Juniper at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney.


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