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Engineering Simplicity
Agility And Choice Demand An Open Software Business
Nov 3, 2015

Admittedly, Juniper is not what comes to mind for most people when they think of software or cloud companies. They might think of routers, switches, and security, but not software.


And today, there is a lot of attention on software. Any industry publication you read today is filled with software technologies such as NFV. Interestingly enough, well over 80% of the engineers at Juniper Development and Innovation are actually software developers. Software has always been in our DNA as a company. It’s not something new. Software, after all, is what makes the infrastructure work. At Juniper, we are excited to deliver solutions and software that are feature rich, stable, and market deployed and validated in thousands of networks across the globe.


So, while we are a software company – yes, we are a software company – we are not yet a software business, and that’s something we aim to change.


That change begins with the announcements we are making today. First, we have enabled a complete disaggregation of hardware and our Junos software as another step in our journey of enabling agility and choice for our customers. Put simply, our hardware can be deployed with 3rd party networking applications and services and our Junos software can also be used on 3rd party hardware. Of course, when used together, they deliver the world-class, industry-leading features and performance they always have. This is open. This is Juniper.


Secondly, this new software business approach will appear on our new QFX5200 series of switches that will now support ONIE and hardware/software disaggregation. We are offering a pricing model for the QFX5200 that allows our customers to procure hardware and software separately. Customers can also choose between perpetual or subscription licenses, maintenance and support for hardware, and maintenance and support for each type of licensed software.


Finally, we are announcing a full software stack to orchestrate rapid deployment of connectivity services for NFV and SD WAN applications with the scale and agility that our customers such as AT&T and OBS require of their networks.


All of these changes are enabled by a major shift over the past few years in how Juniper Networks builds software. We have been moving towards continuous integration/continuous delivery and ensuring that we have the best software practices for how software is written and tested.


We have more to do, but the structural changes to Juniper software are paying off. They have produced the innovations we are announcing today and ensure higher quality and faster time to new innovative products and solutions for our customers.