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Announcing Juniper’s Planned Acquisition of AppFormix
Dec 1, 2016

As we have worked on large-scale deployments of hybrid clouds with SaaS providers and NFV with telecom service providers, we realize at Juniper Networks that some of the biggest obstacles to adoption and growth of these environments are operations and workload management.


As hybrid cloud and NFV solutions mature, the day-one experience has become fairly smooth. While there are many software components that must come together to create an orchestration stack, the market is standardizing, and we are tackling the deployment problem through automation and systems integrations efforts with our partners like Red Hat, Canonical, and Mirantis.


Day-two and the ongoing experience operating this complex software stack is where we see an opportunity. In order to help solve this challenge for our customers, we have taken an important step through our intent to acquire AppFormix. AppFormix brings industry-leading streaming analytics and machine learning solutions to Juniper that are tailored for managing operations of large OpenStack and Kubernetes-based Hybrid clouds and NFV/Telco clouds.


Although there are a few operations management products in the market, most of them are built for generic IT workloads and environments. AppFormix is unique in that it combines the power of machine learning and streaming analytics with application awareness of orchestration systems like Openstack and Kubernetes. This gives cloud operators, as well as application developers, a dashboard and APIs to understand both the workloads and the infrastructure stack, improving both applications and operations management. Using machine learning techniques for continuous learning and automated thresholding, the AppFormix solution provides operators with actionable insight into its visualizations, alerts, and capacity planning, and optimal workload placement and performance. In addition, the AppFormix solution is easy to deploy and put into operations within a day.


Recently, AppFormix completed the integration of OpenContrail to alleviate the challenge of operating large scale software-defined networks and networking services. This is designed to allow us to offer a comprehensive solution to our customers without any need for customization of the product nor development of plug-ins.


Based on their ground-breaking innovation, AppFormix recently won the Best of Interop 2016 award for cloud virtualization, as well as the Interop Grand Award 2016 across all product categories. We are very excited to welcome the AppFormix team to Juniper, and we look forward to their contributions and solutions to help accelerate our vision of automated and self-driving networks (TM) using the power of software-defined infrastructure, big-data analytics, and machine learning.


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