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Announcing the Juniper Networks and Lenovo Strategic Global Partnership
Mar 9, 2016

It’s an exciting day as we announce the commencement of our strategic global partnership with Lenovo. The market opportunity for networking is growing and estimated to continue on this upward trajectory, particularly in countries such as China. With this Lenovo partnership, we expect to leverage synergies in our respective product and technology portfolios to build the next generation of converged, hyper-converged, and hyper-scaled data center infrastructure solutions for enterprise and web-scale customers.


The alliance reflects a shared commitment to deliver simplified, flexible, and high-performance solutions that will provide customers faster time-to-application value with reduced operating expense costs. 


What this announcement really means:

  • We are planning to complement Lenovo’s current data center switch portfolio that includes Lenovo RackSwitch switches and switches for Lenovo BladeCenter and Flex Systems with the breadth of our ToR and spine switch portfolio.
  • We plan to collaborate for a simple network architecture from access layer to core network for orchestration and management of multiple switches from a single point – with Lenovo xClarity, Juniper Contrail and other software solutions.
  • We are planning to enhance Lenovo’s best-in-class converged and hyper-converged offerings by partnering with Lenovo on GTM and products to develop solutions for the data center of the future. As a start, we expect to collaborate on SDX and support Contrail on Lenovo CI systems.
  • We intend to leverage Lenovo’s local status in China to target China Service Provider and Web 2.0 companies. 

Our goal is to provide customers with the best possible experience in evolving their data center infrastructure. We expect the partnership will deliver increased data center automation and workload orchestration capabilities for customers to be able to scale as needed, when needed, in a highly secure network environment. We plan to ensure seamless interoperability and integration with an end-to-end portfolio of industry leading products, an open approach to networking, and worldwide presence to support our customers regardless of where they are located.


This partnership is the end result of two teams coming together toward a shared passion, goal and commitment to innovation in data center infrastructure. I’m proud of the relationship we have developed with Lenovo and am excited about the possibilities that are before us in China, and beyond.