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Engineering Simplicity
Calling All Agents of Change
Apr 16, 2018


JUNI_0594_26.jpgThis week, I will have the privilege of keynoting at RSA 2018, where I hope to inspire all of you to accept what might be our most critical mission yet: to become “Agents of Change.”


What exactly do I mean by that?


Juniper Networks has been pivotal in helping to build and power the internet.


The connectedness that we’ve created through our technology means that the world has shrunk. We’re now able to communicate and interact on a grand scale that has changed the direction of our species forever.


At the same time, we would be naïve not to acknowledge that this ultra-connected world we live in represents unprecedented threats to our security. The speed and ubiquity of the internet means that attacks—on our organizations, on our institutions—can happen without warning, from any location, with complete anonymity.


As the CEO of Juniper and one of the first engineers employed here, I feel a personal responsibility to become an Agent of Change – committed to helping the global network continue to scale over the next decade just as it has over the last. This will require a sharp focus on cybersecurity tools, technologies and processes, as well as educating and influencing a diverse and inclusive next-generation of cybersecurity professionals.


So, who exactly are the Agents of Change?


As it currently stands, there are not enough humans with the right skill sets to efficiently and effectively battle current cybersecurity threats – there is a skills gap. That means many cybersecurity roles go unfilled. As innovators in the tech industry, it is our responsibility to come together to problem-solve this human capital challenge.


The Agents of Change are women and men from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences from right here at home and around the world. Juniper is taking an active role in fostering this next-generation of talent.


It’s why we partner with organizations such as Watermark whose group helps attract, engage, support and retain women in the workplace and beyond.


 It’s also why we are announcing a global initiative through our OpenLab facilities to lead the development of advanced techniques and solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges by training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals through real-world use cases, hands-on workshops, virtual environments and competitions.


Our OpenLab is a “lab as a service” that is a unique combination of Juniper experts and advanced technology. OpenLab draws on the combined knowledge of a broad pool of Juniper experts. It demonstrates how technology leaders can work closely with universities, startups, and entrepreneurs to feed the cycle of invention and new ideas. 


If you’re planning to attend RSA, I’d love for you to join me during my keynote on Wednesday, April 18 at 4:00 p.m. PST and would welcome the opportunity to share and exchange thoughts and ideas about how we can embrace our roles as Agents of Change.

(Post RSA Update: Full keynote now available for replay, courtesy of RSA Conference.)

Apr 27, 2018
Vern Williams

Great initiative!

Started a CISSP cert prep course at Austin Community College 22 years ago and going strong.  Increased hours to add some hands on exercises.  Look forward to seeing your Keynote and where this goes.

R Vern