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“Can I Kick the Tires?”: Introducing the Contrail SD-WAN Tour and Trial
Jan 7, 2020

Contrail SD-WAN Tour.pngThis year, Juniper introduced cloud-managed capability for Contrail SD-WAN, giving customers the ability to run their secure SD-WAN deployment without the worry of installing and maintaining the management software. What is Contrail SD-WAN, you ask? It’s a comprehensive and powerful SDN-based solution from Juniper that delivers software-defined management for the distributed enterprise, including WAN, security, switching and Wi-Fi. In fact, Contrail SD-WAN is a complete SD-Branch solution. For a quick overview, watch our “15 in 15” playlist on YouTube, where we demonstrate 15 Contrail SD-WAN features in 15 one-minute videos. 


Customers can now take a hands-on product tour of Contrail SD-WAN that allows the user to play with a running SD-WAN deployment. It’s comprised of Juniper hub and spoke devices deployed around the world, transporting traffic for various applications across a hybrid WAN.


Contrail SD-WAN Overview.png


Begin by setting up a dashboard that gives you detailed and summary views of many aspects of the deployment, such as top applications by volume, sites not meeting SLAs or top firewall denials.




In the tour, there are features to inspect SLA performance, link switch-over events and security events. The user can also generate and view the summary reports, as well as experience an in-app coaching guide that navigates various basic features of the Contrail interface with easy to follow instructions that highlight specific elements of the GUI. It is possible to dismiss the guide or restart it at any time.


Once you’ve taken the product tour, it is time to demo Contrail SD-WAN with your own SRX, vSRX or NFX Juniper SD-WAN gateway devices. With this advanced demo, simply follow the deployment guide; or, if you need help, we’ll connect you with a Juniper specialist to get you up and running.


Both the product tour and demo require a trial account, which lasts 30 days. Begin your 30-day tour and demo today by simply filling out the trial request form. We’ll get you going in no time!


Free Trial.png


Learn more about Contrail SD-WAN:


And, if you would rather sit back, relax and watch a demo tour instead, join one of our Toolkit Tuesdays webinars that run bi-weekly. It’s also a great place to ask us live questions.

Jan 7, 2020

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