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Canadian Universities Show Off Their NFV Solutions as TELUS – Juniper “Throwdown” Concludes
Aug 6, 2015

After a 2-day preparatory workshop, and 5 days to develop their NFV solution, the competing university teams returned to TELUS House in Toronto to present their approach and demonstrate their service provider solutions respectively to a panel of judges on the last day of the week-long educational program. Teams were judged on an array of criteria which included their understanding and representation of the stakeholder value proposition, innovation/use of technology, and the breadth of the targeted solution or challenge implemented.



Congratulations to Ross Kitsis, Cornel Barna, and Nasim Beigi-Mohammadi from the York University Team, Hoatzin, which “spread its wings” to capture 1st Place with a robust solution utilizing an array of OpenStack and Contrail functionalities. They crafted an offering that encompassed a customized enterprise service portal which front-ended a  of multiple services available (firewall, NAT, and load balancing), instantiated the requested user services on-demand, and represented real-time topology and service utilization analytics. 


The NetProvators, representing Ryerson University, captured 2nd Place by highlighting a cloud service offering of multiple services and emphasizing their architectural design in implementing the underlying networking and service chaining. Torro, the competing team from the University of Toronto, secured 3rd Place. Congratulations to these teams and the other contenders (the University of Ottawa and a second team from Ryerson) for their enthusiastic commitment and participation into the challenging program.


While each of the top 3 teams received material prizes, all teams received a valuable hands-on educational experience with SDN and NFV technologies and will be able to leverage such newly acquired knowledge as they venture forth into extended educational studies or into the corporate world. Both TELUS and Juniper HR representatives had an opportunity to engage with the students to explore student interests.

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