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Engineering Simplicity
Cutting-edge knowledge on Software-Defined Secure Networks- The latest development in the Design and Architecture Center
Oct 4, 2016

For anyone responsible for building and managing networks, there are few things more important than securing that investment. With ever-changing and increasing network threats comes a wealth of information that can often times be difficult to manage. Juniper is here to help. Our new Network Design and Architecture Center for Software-Defined Secure Networks allows our customers and partners to easily navigate through all of our aggregated, multi-media rich content for a seamless information experience.


This is another big step towards accomplishing our mission of providing our customers and partners with an improved information experience. The Design and Architecture Center was launched in 2015  with the intention to break down the silos between high level solution content and technical product information, and ultimately create an end-to-end information experience. Since the release, we have generated centers focusing on Data Center Networks, Enterprise Campus and Branch, and Service Provider Edge. 


For security professionals, this portal holds exactly the right resources and information to stay one step ahead of potential networking threats, centralize and automate security with cloud based intelligence, build real-time threat intelligence into your physical and virtual networks, and so much more.


Here’s what one of our early access customers had to say about this new addition:


For a tour of the Software-Defined Secure Networks portal be sure to take a look at the blog

What Everybody Can Learn About Securing Networks with SDSN.


Thank you for your ongoing partnership and we look forward to your feedback on this new addition. Stay tuned for future innovations on our Network Design and Architecture Center.





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