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Engineering Simplicity
Delivering on 5G from RAN to Core to Cloud
Sep 5, 2018

Juniper Networks announced today an extended and strengthened partnership with Ericsson to offer a powerful, end-to-end solution as operators worldwide race to build 5G networks. Juniper products and solutions will now have unprecedented customer reach combined with the go-to-market muscle of the two companies. Traditional network operators are combating flat revenues, ballooning operational costs due to increasingly complex infrastructure and an ever-expanding attack surface. While some view 5G as a solution for this difficult environment, not all 5G solutions are engineered equally. Juniper has teamed up with Ericsson to offer network service providers a complete solution, from radio access network (RAN) to core and cloud that will help ensure that the promise of 5G lives up to its potential.


Although the 5G standards are still being finalized, proponents anticipate that it will unleash a new wave of revenue-generating applications and services, including gaming, augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), industrial automation, connected vehicles and 8K streaming video in 3D, to name a few. But to fulfill lofty expectations for both new revenues and operational efficiencies, service provider networks will have to meet substantial new requirements. The rigid network underlay and overlay architectures of today will not efficiently and effectively support this new era of 5G and multicloud connectivity. That’s about to change with the newly launched joint solution featuring best-in-class RAN, fronthaul/backhaul and aggregation solutions from Ericsson integrated with Juniper’s industry-leading IP edge and core transport platforms (Figure 1) and pervasive security solutions. Ericsson will also provide seamless single pane of glass management and orchestration end-to-end with a high degree of automation to handle increased network complexity and reduce time-to-market for new 5G services.


Figure 1 – Juniper is a Top Routing Vendor Based on Service Provider Survey (Source: IHS Markit, Dec. 2017)Figure 1 – Juniper is a Top Routing Vendor Based on Service Provider Survey (Source: IHS Markit, Dec. 2017)



Juniper has deepened its partnership with 5G market leader Ericsson and, together, the companies are delivering a “best of both worlds” scenario: with Ericsson and Juniper our customers can deploy a complete end-to-end 5G solution, with pre-integrated, pre-tested, best-of-breed technologies. Both companies will continue to focus on what we each do best, and with a shared belief in open, multi-vendor architectures. 5G places new demands on networks and this is an exciting time for both companies to lead our customers through their 5G transformations.


The Juniper Advantage

The joint 5G mobile transport solution with Ericsson that was announced today leverages Juniper’s edge and core IP transport and network security. Juniper’s three solution areas include:


Secure IP and Optical Transport

5G underlay infrastructure must be open, carrier-class, scalable and time-synchronized. Juniper meets these requirements with versatile and field-proven Secure IP and Optical Transport solutions. Juniper is a leader in IP routing throughput, scale, slot density and power efficiency. We offer a disaggregated multi-layer packet-optical transport solution that supports open line systems, a universal chassis design and high-capacity (10/100/400G) DWDM interfaces. Mobile transport must also be secure at all potential attack interfaces. We do this with Juniper’s field-proven mobile security solutions, including Security Gateways, Gi and Roaming Firewalls and new network interfaces that need virtual and containerized firewalls. Juniper’s security solutions include instant threat intelligence and detection, dynamically adaptive policy – deployed in real-time and consistent firewall capabilities – both physical and virtual.


Virtualization and Mobile Cloud Software

Next generation networks must take advantage of the latest advances in software-defined networking (SDN), telemetry, analytics and virtualization in order to simplify operations, enable agile service creation and provide just-in-time service and network builds. Our integrated cloud software overlay ensures dynamic, intelligent, predictive infrastructure that optimizes services and traffic flows in real-time. Juniper’s Virtualized Mobile Cloud Software stack solutions are pre-validated with Juniper’s high-performing virtual firewalls and full-featured virtual routers, as well as many third-party VNFs and cloud platforms. And Juniper’s Network Slicing Bot automates network slicing across physical and virtual network functions in the 5G network.


Multi-Service Edge

With the recent introduction of the MX 5G Universal Routing platform, we offer edge and core IP solutions that deliver unparalleled performance and scale with hardware-accelerated 5G CUPS and improved network utilization, consistent operations and shorter software qualification cycles with Junos node slicing. Juniper’s Multi-Service Edge solutions include a multi-access edge compute (MEC) offering to support new ultra-low latency applications expected with 5G.


Forward-Looking Statements

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