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Engineering Simplicity
Get next-generation network guidance in our newly expanded Design and Architecture Centers
Jun 21, 2016

On behalf of the Information Experience team, I am pleased to reveal the latest innovations in Juniper’s Network Design and Architecture Center.


The Design and Architecture Center was launched in 2015  as a result of customer and partner feedback and our vision for an improved information experience to bridge the gap between high level solution content and technical product information. Our first release was focused on data center networking, and enables visitors to choose the information they need in any stage of designing, building and troubleshooting their data center network.


Today we are expanding the site to include two new additions, which were both designed with input from our customers and partners.



What’s New?


Enterprise Campus and Branch
This site addresses the needs of architects, network managers and network security engineers who build and manage enterprise networks in the campus and branch segment. Retail, Education, Healthcare, Financial Services and other mid-to-large enterprises looking to build a cloud-based infrastructure to optimize their business operations can benefit from the information contained in this new site.


Service Provider Edge Transformation
This new site provides information for architects, heads of networks or operations, and network engineers  at service providers who are building edge networks to deliver various services to their customers, including broadband, business, metro Ethernet, and data center interconnect (DCI).


We provided early access to some of our customers and partners and here’s what they had to say about our new additions:


ClayQuote.png scottquote.pngNickQuote.png


For a deeper review of the Enterprise Campus and Branch site be sure to take a look at the blog article Welcome to the Network Design and Architecture Center for Enterprise Campus and Branch and for a tour of the Service Provider Edge site read Join us at Service Provider Edge Transformation.


Thank you for your ongoing partnership and we look forward to your feedback on these new additions. Stay tuned for future innovations on our Network Design and Architecture Center.

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