Engineering Simplicity
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Engineering Simplicity
Innovate in the Cloud Simply and Securely with Juniper Networks, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
Jan 24, 2018

Whether it’s with customers or colleagues, most of my conversations involve the cloud in one way or another, and more often than not, cloud is the conversation. Why? Because customers want to rapidly and efficiently scale and customize services on their terms and they only want to pay for what they need. And there’s no doubt that the cloud has already impacted businesses across virtually every market segment—a November 2016 study by IDG found that 70% of organizations had moved at least one application or a portion of their infrastructure to the cloud—and continues to do so, as the cloud service industry has grown 42% year-over-year.


Juniper Networks supports your cloud strategy transition with a fast, scalable firewall in virtual form factor - the vSRX - and the industry’s most advanced virtual router, the vMX; both available on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. 


The Juniper Networks vSRX offers the same features as our physical SRX Series firewalls, and is part of Juniper Networks’ Software Defined Secure Network (SDSN). The vSRX can be deployed in AWS or Azure as a VPN gateway to provide remote users with secure access to their workloads. It can also be deployed as a segmentation gateway to block lateral threats.


The Juniper Networks vMX offers the same features as our physical MX Series routers, and provides comprehensive VPN and automation features that help securely extend your network into the cloud, maintain high availability across zones, and easily interconnect multiple vNET as your cloud network grows.


Taking advantage of the vSRX and vMX on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure couldn’t be simpler. Customers can bring their own licenses (‘BYOL’) or access hourly and annual pay-as-you-go (‘PAYG’) licenses in granular bandwidth increments, allowing you to use pre-configured vSRX software in minutes, with AWS and Microsoft managing all aspects of metering, billing, payment collection and financial reporting for PAYG usage.


Importantly, free vSRX and vMX trials are available on both AWS and Azure, which allow you to assess the power of these products without risk or penalty.


On AWS, you can access your

  • vSRX trial (BYOL and / or PAYGO) here.
  • 60 day vMX trial (BYOL and / or PAYGO) here

 On Azure, you can access your

  • 60 day vSRX trial (BYOL and / or PAYGO) here.
  • 60 day vMX trial (BYOL) here.

If you prefer to evaluate the vSRX or vMX on your own premises, you can access your 60-day vSRX trial here; and access your 60-day vMX trial here.


Juniper understands that whatever your unique mix of on-prem, hybrid cloud and public cloud resources, you need a simple, secure solution—with feature and operational consistency—network-wide. Whether physical or virtual, Juniper solutions provide a seamless, consistent experience across physical networks and public and hybrid clouds without compromising agility, visibility or management.

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May 15, 2018

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