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Juniper Announces New Global Benefits
Feb 4, 2016

This week I had the privilege of announcing three new global benefits at Juniper Networks. 


The first is we now offer 16 weeks paid maternity/paternity leave post birth or adoption. In addition to being family friendly, these benefits enhance Juniper’s competitive position in attracting, engaging and retaining diverse talent.


Secondly, I also communicated a global job share and flexible work policy. While many flexible work options have been supported at Juniper for years, formalizing the policies amplifies our support for meeting the needs of today’s contemporary workforce. Offering more choice about where, when and how people work increases our ability to respond to the various needs of our employees, increasing productivity and well-being.


Flexibility and choice about where and how work is done were the most valued benefits our employees cited in a recent Total Rewards survey. So while these new benefits are “family friendly,” they are also “people friendly” and are an integral part of our talent strategy. 


Feedback from our employees let us know we’re doing things right: “Working for and holding a leadership role at a company that’s raising the bar in these ‘human’ areas is truly inspiring. Thank you!” “I started at Juniper only a month ago and it makes me feel great to know I am a part of a company that cares so much about how its employees feel. Thanks again for your dedication and for making things happen.”


I’m proud that we are able to offer relevant and innovative workforce solutions that make sense for today and into the future.