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Engineering Simplicity
Juniper Networks Announces Intent to Acquire HTBASE
Nov 29, 2018

 At Juniper, we believe fundamentally that simplicity will be on the right side of change. We believe that the industry is at a major inflection point, where how a network is managed will become just as, if not more, important than how it is built. And we believe that multicloud is the context in which all of this is happening.


We have spent the better part of the last several years building out a robust multicloud offering. Our investment in Contrail—Contrail Enterprise Multicloud and Contrail Edge Cloud—has been our leading product push, but we have always known that multicloud is about more than connectivity and compute. 


And so we are excited to broaden our portfolio with today’s announcement about our intent to acquire HTBASE. 


HTBASE has built a highly unique and disruptive platform for the multicloud arena. They have built a software-only, composable infrastructure solution capable of abstracting the underlying resources needed to power applications. By making the infrastructure layer (compute, storage, and networking) transparent to the applications, their Juke platform allows enterprises to easily migrate workloads across infrastructure stacks, from public or private cloud to other public or private cloud.


At its most basic, this represents abstracted control, a core tenet of any multicloud migration. The reality is that without abstracted control, our industry will have traded one tightly-coupled control model (the CLI) for another (cloud-specific management). HTBASE frees the customer to select the right cloud for the job which is the definition of freedom that a true multicloud solution promises.  It represents a change in technology, but not an evolution of control.


But beyond that, HTBASE has built a technology that neatly complements our existing Contrail offerings. Whether it is bringing control of storage elements into the Contrail Enterprise Multicloud mix or expanding our support for edge compute through Contrail Edge Cloud, Juniper sees strong synergy between our existing market-leading multicloud solution and HTBASE’s offering.


Importantly, HTBASE has also embraced many of the software principles that we hold true at Juniper. In developing Juke, they have delivered an extensible platform, which means that the opportunities are not limited to only what we have immediate line of sight to. Their composable system means that elements can be reused and extended to make the whole of Contrail more powerful for whatever the multicloud brings. 


At Juniper, simplicity is our obsession. And that means building out the full set of tools required to simplify our customers’ paths to multicloud.

Nov 29, 2018
Juniper Employee

Does this acquisition complete our cloud orchestrartion stack ?

Nov 29, 2018

Juke and Contrail - way to go!

Nov 29, 2018

This should lead to greater Contrail adoption!