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Engineering Simplicity
Juniper Networks Captures Leadership Position in North America Core Routing
Oct 30, 2017

Juniper Network’s hallmark has always been to challenge the status quo, leveraging our world-class engineering prowess to solve our customers’ toughest problems.


This challenger mindset—combined with an unshakable commitment to our customers—has allowed us to develop bold new architectures, deliver silicon programmability, and design a rich software stack featuring a single ubiquitous OS that provides a unified experience across virtually any deployment scenario. This commitment to quality and innovation is what customers value and recognize in Juniper. And it is these values that continue to inspire the company, driving us to redefine how networks are built.


In March of 2011, Juniper introduced the Converged Supercore, an announcement so impactful that it influenced how performance-optimized routing and converged multi-dimensional flexible routing shaped architectural decisions for service provider core networks around the globe. At about the same time, Juniper started to see success in a growing market segment—hyperscale cloud providers—that demanded three things: speed, scale, and low TCO. Juniper’s Converged Supercore solution satisfied all of these demands, and those hyperscalers began to grow their global backbones up and out to interconnect their mega data centers.


Now, six years later, we know how traditional service providers have transformed their infrastructures and are witnessing how the hyperscalers continue to grow rapidly as demand for their services increase. In September of this year, market research firm IHS released their latest Service Provider Routers & Switches Market Tracker, revealing that Juniper topped the North American core routing market over the last 12 months with 48% market share. According to the IHS report, Juniper has consistently gained market share as a percentage of revenue in the core router market over the past six quarters, climbing from 33% in Q3’15 to 48% in the most recent published quarter, Q2’17.Source: IHS MarkitSource: IHS Markit

Juniper’s innovation continues as we redefine the market once again with cloud-optimized access, edge, and core routers, boasting the only network operating system to pass every automation RFP requirement and intent-based SDN with streaming telemetry capabilities built in. In fact, our new universal chassis design for the PTX Series and MX Series platforms enables customers to standardize operations across multiple use-cases, reaping the benefits of economies of scale. The result is a 65% reduction in operational expenditures, up to a 50% time-to-market improvement, and a unified certification approach that enables operational excellence by reducing sparing complexity by 70%.


Innovation in networking is not dead. At Juniper, innovation is a way of life.