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Juniper Networks Completes Acquisition of BTI Systems
Apr 4, 2016

I’m pleased to share with you that Juniper Networks has completed the acquisition of BTI Systems, a leading provider of cloud and metro network infrastructure solutions to content, cloud and service providers globally.


We announced our intent to acquire BTI Systems in January and since then many of you have asked what this means for our customers and partners as well as the implications to Juniper’s optical strategy moving forward. While it’s still early days, I’d like to mark this exciting occasion with a brief update on BTI Systems’ planned integration into Juniper and share what you can expect from us moving forward.


The acquisition marks an exciting time for our companies, our customers and our partners. By combining two industry innovators, Juniper believes it can now offer a comprehensive, robust solution under a unified management architecture to address the fast growing data center interconnect and metro packet optical transport markets.


The close of this acquisition will pave the way for Juniper to help drive the industry toward a more open, automated and highly efficient IP and optical transport network. As the portfolios of both companies become tightly integrated, we believe our customers can expect:

  • A more compelling economic model for Data Center Interconnection and Metro Networks through tightly integrated, single-layer packet-optical networking.
  • Broader network automation, with the ultimate business outcome of reduced operational expense, through integrated software defined networking and management systems.
  • Rapid service creation enabled by the network integration and automation ensuring that the network dynamically adjusts to the needs of the business vs the business adjusting to the needs of the network.
  • An open framework giving customers the ability to choose where and how they take advantage of these capabilities.


In terms of a roadmap, BTI Systems’ portfolio complements Juniper’s IP and Ethernet product portfolio with a richer set of optical capabilities, optical network management and automation software. Juniper plans to leverage these capabilities, as well as the complementary talent and expertise that the BTI Systems’ team brings, to further integrate optical capabilities in our switching and routing portfolio. Additionally, we plan to build evolved open optical line systems to continue to drive cost-efficient networks as well as evolve operation and control with open, standard and programmatic interfaces across all the layers of network. More to come on this at a later time.


We believe the growth of content sharing, video streaming, social networks and other bandwidth intensive applications in the cloud and content networks will continue to accelerate. Customers need a better way to manage the increasing bandwidth demands for high-speed interconnectivity between data centers, access networks and peering points. Separate and closed legacy systems are costly to scale, hard to manage and maintain, and offer limited performance and latency. Operations cost of maintaining multi-layer expertise is enormous and lacks end-to-end visibility and automation across packet and optical transport networks.


Through this acquisition, Juniper and BTI systems are bringing together their shared vision to tackle our customer’s most challenging problems and deliver solutions that are open, automated and efficient. We look forward to sharing with you more as we continue to bring both companies together.


Jonathan Davidson, executive vice president and general manager, Juniper Development and Innovation (JDI).


Statement of Product Direction:


Juniper may disclose information related to its development and plans for future products, features or enhancements (“SOPD”) in this post.  SOPD information is subject to change at any time, without notice.  Except as may be set forth in definitive agreements for a potential transaction, Juniper does not provide any assurances, or assume any responsibility, that future products, features or enhancements will be introduced.  Except as may be set forth in definitive agreements for a potential transaction, customers should not base purchasing decisions upon reliance of timeframes or specifics outlined in an SOPD, because Juniper may delay or never introduce the future products, features or enhancements.

May 28, 2017


I wonder if Juniper DID really acquire BTI.

I tried to find password recovery procedure of BTI SA-821 for several days at Juniper website and,

even I tried to contact Juniper.

Yet, I have not found that simple one unlike


It looks like Juniper may have purchased the shell of BTI, yet not the context.