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Juniper Networks Completes Agreement to Acquire Mist Systems to Serve Enterprises End-to-End
Apr 2, 2019

I am thrilled to announce that Juniper Networks’ acquisition of Mist Systems is now complete! Mist has a highly differentiated wireless solution that will strengthen and complement Juniper’s existing software-defined enterprise portfolio.


As Rami mentioned in his blog post on March 4, enterprise IT is shifting from mere service management (ITSM) to being a strategic enabler that unlocks new workflows and business models. The acquisition of Mist expands Juniper’s enterprise portfolio to enable technology in the wireless arena and ushers in an AI-driven solution for managing IT operations.


With Mist, Juniper is one of a limited number of companies that can serve enterprise end-to-end.   While Mist started by bringing AI-driven operations to WLAN, Juniper and Mist together will leverage this AI-driven approach across the IT stack.


It’s also a good time to reiterate that Mist will retain its commitment to an open framework so that customers can leverage whichever elements (including many of our competitors’ products) make sense for their architecture. With that, Juniper is excited about being able to bring a full end-to-end software-defined enterprise solution with an AI-driven solution that makes IT operations simpler and reduces total ownership costs for our customers. The powerful combination of cloud-based management, automated workflows and AI-driven operations make the self-healing network a reality, formerly thought to be impossible. As Nelson Mandela eloquently stated - “It always seems impossible until it is done.”


Juniper’s priority for the near term is to ensure that Mist, as a Juniper company, maintains its growth trajectory and continues to develop products that redefine wireless. The company will also be sharing Mist’s extraordinary AI-driven wireless solution to a wider audience of Juniper customers. 


There are no major changes to how customers buy Mist or Juniper products. Customers will still be able to order the same great products. Similarly, there will be no changes to how we manage partners in the short term. The Mist team will remain a separate operating unit within Juniper and we will continue to leverage Mist’s strong and growing brand.


With Juniper and Mist together, we will blaze the path to AI for IT™ in this era of digital transformation!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the acquisition mean for Juniper and Mist customers?

A: There are no major changes happening at this time.  You can continue to buy Mist products through Mist and Juniper products through Juniper. Juniper believes that the future of networking is open and interoperable. Juniper intends to ensure that the Mist portfolio can continue to operate across any network, regardless of Juniper footprint.


Q: Will I work with the same people? Will my account manager stay the same?

A: All of your touchpoints for Juniper sales, marketing, support and other functions will remain the same. Likewise, all of your touchpoints for Mist sales, marketing, support and other functions will remain the same. Please reach out to your account manager to learn more. 


Q: How will Mist integrate with other Juniper products?

A: We are committed to bringing the benefits of AI across the IT stack. To that end, we will expand upon the integration work previously done between Mist and Juniper to include other Juniper products. The exact timing and details will be forthcoming.  


Q:  Are Mist evaluation units available upon request?

A:  Evaluation units are available upon request from Mist upon completing a qualification discussion with a Mist or Juniper Account Manager who will need to provide approval(s). NFRs can also be purchased by Mist partners.


Q:  Will you continue to make new Mist products?

A:  Yes, Mist will continue to develop new products and new AI for IT™ services.


Q: What are the Terms & Conditions for me as a Juniper partner to begin selling Mist products?

A:  In order for Juniper partners to sell Mist products, you will need to sign a Mist Partner Agreement. Please visit for details. Juniper and Mist partner programs will remain separate for the immediate term. You will receive Mist Partner Program benefits after signing the Mist Partner Agreement. As we look to scale Mist and increase the value proposition for enterprise customers by leveraging AI for IT ™ across the full enterprise portfolio, we expect to bring enhanced value and additional TAM to our partners.

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