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Juniper Networks Joins the Cyber Threat Alliance
Mar 20, 2018

The necessity for strong cybersecurity has reached a critical high. As we’ve all seen over the past few years, attacks are getting stronger, hackers are getting wiser and organizations and individuals are struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape. That’s why at Juniper Networks we’re making it our mission to offer a unified cybersecurity platform that protects businesses from today’s threats across any environment.


But as we look toward the next stage in our cybersecurity journey, it’s become more apparent that one singular organization can’t solve every global security issue that we face. Juniper has always prided itself on its open and unified approach to cybersecurity through open APIs and support of third-party offerings, as well as a constant emphasis on the importance of collaboration as the only way to stay ahead of threats. Today, we’re excited to be taking a step forward to that commitment by joining the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA).


The CTA is an organization working to improve the cybersecurity of our global digital ecosystem by enabling near real-time, high-quality cyber threat information by sharing intelligence among companies and organizations. As such, it perfectly aligns with Juniper’s goals of open threat sharing and collaboration to help secure our customers’ networks and keep enterprises safe.


Each security vendor has access to different pieces of the intelligence puzzle. By bringing us all together to understand the broader picture, we can stay a step ahead of the threats facing our organizations and our customers. We’re excited to bring advanced threat data from our research to help inform the broader industry of threats.


We are grateful to be part of an industry that values our customers’ safety and security and we look forward to joining our fellow CTA members at RSA this year to further our combined efforts and discuss important next steps in working together to benefit the industry.